Laundry bag, kitty bookmark, ironing board cover

I took some pictures of the laundry bag I made for Amy. Her hamper is in the corner of her closet next to her changing table (not used for changing anymore, in case anyone was imagining us changing her in the closet), and I figured a bag that fits the hamper would stay open nicely and be easier to retrieve than the hamper.

I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to make the bag, so I picked the three that worked best together — believe it or not.

Photo -- The laundry bag in the hamper.

Photo -- Laundry bag on the floor.

Photo -- Closeup of laundry bag fabrics.

I think I might substitute elastic cord for the drawstring, because the drawstring is rather tight in the casing and doesn’t pull nicely — and maybe then add some handles.

I made another kitty bookmark for a friend’s birthday.

Photo -- Kitty bookmark.

Photo -- Closeup of kitty bookmark.

And it’s sitting on my newly made ironing board cover — the old one will probably be okay after a wash gets out all the kitty puke, but I like this fabric better.

Photo -- Ironing board cover.


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