Wine charms and a doll

I made some crochet wine charms for someone’s birthday, using beads and buttons I had on hand:

Photo -- Crochet wine charms with different stitches.

Photo -- Crochet wine charms.

Photo -- Crochet wine charms with beads.

And someone else requested a doll. This time I made the head separately — a cylinder gathered at top and bottom. The body turned out rather larger than it should have been, and even with some extra stitching in on the sides she’s rather plump, but okay.


I made some other folks some knit produce bags and some crochet bookmarks, but forgot to take pictures. One bookmark I made up, and the other is a kitty. The produce bags are from this pattern.


4 thoughts on “Wine charms and a doll

  1. I like it very much — so does the recipient.

    I made some sewn produce bags before out of nylon net, but they have started to tear, so I’m going to make myself some from your knit pattern to replace them.

    Thank you for sharing the pattern!

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