I’ve been thinking about these square fabric wrappings for a while… one of these days I’d like to try making some. I like the idea of the reusability and the prettiness, but I wonder if I’d get tired of using the same ones year after year. I don’t know if the joy of pretty new paper each Christmas should trump greenness or not.



3 thoughts on “Furoshiki

  1. They look beautiful. But do you take back the wrap after the person opens the gift, or do they keep the wrap (and presumably pass it on when they give a gift) along with their present? What is the etiquette?
    If they keep it, then you wouldn’t have to reuse the same ones year after year. And maybe someone would use one to give you a gift and then you’d have a new one.
    I know I have some wine bags (fancy paper) that I’ve received as gifts, and then I give a bottle in one and pass it on. Maybe it’s like that.
    I’m going to pass the link to my daughter (23) who is working on her sewing skills. It would be a pretty easy beginning project, right?

  2. If you give the presents outside of immediate family, I think the furoshiki is considered part of the gift. I was thinking mainly about using them just among the three of us, but that’s a good point about possibly getting new ones either from others’ gifts or just making new to replenish the stash.

    It should be a good beginning project — especially if she doesn’t bother trying to miter the corners, although that link makes the mitering pretty clear.

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