And the second doctor said

There are no dermatologists in town, so I opted to try the pediatrician first. We saw Dr. Graber, who works with Dr. Bardwell, to whom many of the playgroup moms take their kids.

She wonders a) if the steroid cream isn’t part of the problem by now and b) about the soap Amy’s clothes and underwear are washed with.

We agreed to stop the steroid cream, continue moisturizer (adding a little olive oil), and use a prescription antibiotic cream especially on the red places.

As for the clothes and underwear, the detergent we use is an unlikely culprit because it doesn’t have any perfumes or dyes, and hasn’t caused problems before or in other areas. However, I will try to double rinse the underwear and use less detergent — maybe add vinegar to the rinse like I do with diapers, to remove soap residues.


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