Homemade ornaments, as requested

Sherj asked for pictures of ornaments I’ve made.

I made a bunch of thick watercolor paper miniatures in college, to decorate a branch stuck in a cup. There are three circular scenes, each showing a Christmas scene on one side and an Easter scene on the other. I’ve long appreciated emphasis on the connection between these holidays.

(Because the area around Bethlehem apparently looks like the Ngong Hills in Kenya.)

Photo -- Ornament showing the journey to Bethlehem.

(And Jesus is apparently Yanni’s cousin.)

Photo -- Other side shows risen Jesus.

Photo -- This one shows Jesus as a baby.

Photo -- And on the cross.

(Lack of gold paint = gold bar looks suspiciously like a stick of butter.)

Photo -- The wise men.

Photo -- And the empty tomb.

There’s also a bunch of single and double eighth notes and some hearts.

Photo -- Music note ornament.

This is the one from the Montessori school — just a styrofoam ball stuck with sequins and ribbons.

Photo -- Sequin and ribbon ball.


6 thoughts on “Homemade ornaments, as requested

  1. First, I think these are really good! I’m impressed.

    Second, your comments totally cracked me up. The stick of butter pretty much put me over the edge. Hilarious!

  2. Thanks for posting them Marcy. I love the watercolor paper miniatures. They really reflect the true spirit of Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to post them. Sherj

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