Secret Amy birthday presents, part ii

For Amy’s birthday I’ve been making some clothes for her doll, Rachel. I thought I’d make something with a zipper, something with big buttons, and something with snaps, since the clothes she came with use velcro.

I have no idea how many months or years it will be before she actually wants to put clothes on Rachel, and the ones I made have not turned out to be very easy to put on (drat) but I’m almost done and I might as well give them to her now.

The first items were a toddler-size sling and a flannel sleeper. The latest additions are a long dress and a wrap top with jeans. The jeans actually have a fly (just a snap, no zipper) and the wrap top snaps on the outside and velcros on the inside — I thought the inside fastening should be simple since it has to be done just by touch.

The last thing will be a few flannel velcro diapers and maybe some extra underwear. Maybe shoes or slippers if I have time.

Photo -- A long dress for Rachel.

Photo -- Jeans and a wrap top.


5 thoughts on “Secret Amy birthday presents, part ii

  1. Marcy, some of us seem to have fibers in our blood..I’m not sure mine aren’t just lint or dust bunnies : ^) I believe you mentioned sewing a cloth book for Amy. I’ve done that, they can be used as a pillow in car seats too. When Dana & Patrick were very young, stationed in Germany, a million miles from my touch, I used the cloth book fabric to make quilts for them. You can add as much sashing as you would like to make the quilts bigger. As smart (and beautiful) as Amy is, she will be reading while she lulls herself to sleep. I am impressed with your sewing abilities! Keep up the good work!

    Blessings to you & your loved ones. Happy Holidays! Mildred S. Taylor, Va. Bch, Va.

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