Blue shoes

Amy’s yellow shoes are a little thin for the cold weather, so I thought I’d make some new ones, a bit bigger, and a bit warmer. I also decided to alter the pattern — the pattern toe is nearly symmetrical, and I adjusted it to be pointier where the big toe is. I don’t really know how to alter patterns like this. Basically I made paper shoes and kept adjusting until I got something reasonably close. Oh, and I made the backs taller, so there’d be a bit more warmth around those ankles. Instead of a casing, I just ran the elastic between the back and the back lining, sewing two guidelines to keep it in place.

Photo — Amy’s new blue shoes.

I made several oopses. I sewed the tops wrong sides together, which left a raw edge sticking out — but I fixed that by covering that edge with a bit of pretty trim I found at a yard sale. It’s like a binding — it folds over and encloses the raw edge. I used a fusible webbing to attach it. On one shoe, the exterior fabric didn’t quite catch in the seam in one spot. I didn’t feel up to taking it apart and trying to sew it better. I tried to cover it with a patch using fusible webbing, but the patch didn’t stick. However, the adhesive soaked in very nicely, which should at least keep it from fraying.

Photo — Oops.


One thought on “Blue shoes

  1. The shoes are wonderful!!! You are making such wonderful memories for a special little girl. Keep up the good work. God Bless!!!Mildred

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