More haul

Saturday we went to a variety of yard sales in Culver, where I picked up this load of fabric for $3. The cream and black to the left are for our costumes. (Today I patterned, cut out, and started assembling Mark’s Han Solo vest.) I’m especially excited about what seems to be linen or a linen blend, the mossy green in the lower right. All the other stuff I just figured, why not?

Photo — Fabric haul.

We also visited the tiny little Culver farmers market, where we learned about sorghum and bought some yams.

Remember the wool sweater I told you about, the one I bought for $2 at the Salvation Army thrift store? It turned into a pair of longies and two soakers. Isn’t the color fabulous?
Photo — Next bum sweaters.


8 thoughts on “More haul

  1. Culver is TINY. There is a lake, with various rich people houses, a small blue collar town, and the academy with its faculty and staff. No traffic lights.

  2. Wow, no traffic lights. I didn’t know towns like that existed, just kidding. That is neat though. Do you like the small town feel? I think when Wayne and I settle down that is what I want. I saw pictures of the campus, it is very pretty.

  3. Nice haul! And the stuff you’ve already made is cool.

    Han Solo, eh? Are you going as Princess Leah(sp?)? I don’t figure you’ll go an Chewbacca. 😉

    And no traffic lights! That’s cool! I don’t suppose they even need round-abouts (traffic circles) do they?

    We’ve found 3 round-abouts here near Chattanooga! I love it! And, I think they’re going to put in more.

  4. Sandra, yes, we like the small town feel. Ithaca was sort of a small town, but two universities added a lot to it. Here we live between Culver and Plymouth — Plymouth I think may be about the same size as Ithaca but a different kind of town. Small has advantages and disadvantages like anything else — if you like it, it’s good, but if there are things and people you don’t like, you can’t really get away. I think it’s nice to be where we are, between tiny and small, with big near enough for major shopping or cultural expeditions.

    Rick, yup, I’ll be Leia. I hope my hair will cooperate. Think I might have to get some gel or something to help it stick. I am not fond of traffic circles. There used to be a lot in NJ but they’ve gotten rid of them all.

  5. Those longies are fabulous! I just chopped up an old sweater (took the sleeves off) and want to make something like this…but since I’m a beginner and have trouble figuring out how to attach things back together once I rip them up, can you post a tutorial (or a link to one you found) for how to make these?

    I’ve got the two sweater sleeves, and now I’m stuck…please help!

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