Jesus, my advocate

Jesus, my advocate, stands on high
My high priest before the throne of God
Who can condemn me, when Jesus,
Who died for my sins, intercedes for me?

I’m afraid of God’s holy power
Haven’t all tyrants done it this way?
Crying “peace,” and “protection,” and “love,” and such things,
While destroying and crushing, and hoarding their wealth,

Well, with God’s claim to love us on one side,
And on the other, this dark unjust world,
And in between, all the chaos inside me,
Still, Jesus persuades me God’s love is for real, because…


My heart is hard, Lord; it’s not broken,
My will is too strong for surrendering.
While I long for you, I’m afraid of you…
I need Jesus…

Now in Jesus, there’s no condemnation,
Because he bore my sins on the cross.
In their place, he gave me righteousness,
And the right to become a child of God

And now nothing can separate us
Neither angels nor demons nor powers,
Not the depths of darkness in my own heart,
Not my past, not my future, not death, and not life, because…


© Marcy Prochaska 2004

I started writing this when we lived in Virginia and finished it a few years later. Reading Romans 8 was the main inspiration. Really chewing on the idea that the Cross is the ultimate assurance that God loves me and is not out to get me, no matter how much it seems that he’s just tormenting me for some sick pleasure.

Click the button below to play a poorly home-recorded version of this song:


14 thoughts on “Jesus, my advocate

  1. OH MARCY! Is that YOU singing, too? and playing? How BEAUTIFUL you are! You have been hiding this talent! Sara Groves, LOOK OUT! I LOVE IT! ((((((HUGS))))) sandi~I want it, too! I’m gonna get a friend with a CD burner~got any more tunes to share?

  2. I like this song Marcy. Does Sandi know about your CDs and the songs that you have written on them? I have a very talented daughter-in-law.

  3. I should mention that I made this recording in 2004 (for the sake of my friends from youth group) when we had a computer with a built-in mic in the monitor. I’m not sure how to record into the computer we have now.

    Sandi, you’ve got No Loose Threads, right? There’s an original song on there as well as some original tunes. And there’s three more songs on this blog, but no recordings, unfortunately.

    Ha ha for comparing me with Sara Groves!

  4. Great song Marcy – thanks so much for sharing that. I agree with Sandi – you have a beautiful voice! Thanks again for sharing that.

  5. That’s incredible Marcy. I downloaded the mp3 so I can listen to it again and again and again.

    Would you be willing to email me the sheet music so I can share it with my choir director? I’m not at the church right now (as I’m in Korea), but it would fit in so well with the type of music the choir I was in does.

  6. Marcy,

    That was great. I love your voice. It has a folky quality to it that I adore in much of the other artists that I listen to. And the acoustics, rhythm, all of it…perfect really.

  7. Kathryn, I don’t have the sheet music in very good form yet, but I’ll try to send it to you soon. It will just be melody, lyrics, and chords. Your old choir has permission to perform the piece if they send me a recording! 🙂

    Larry and Sandra, thanks!

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