“does yelling and anxiety effect a newborn?”


But depending on how you handle it, it won’t scar her for life.

You can’t avoid negative emotions. Trying to will only make them come out in worse ways. Allow yourself to experience them and find out that they won’t destroy you or last forever. Recognize that they are part of life. Recognize that your feelings are real but are only feelings — they are not the final statement on who you are.

Counseling, a DBT group, medication, or other strategies may help you manage your negative emotions more effectively. Do some research to find what works best for you.

Make the most of times when you are feeling good or at least not overwhelmed. Use these times for positive interaction with the baby or for refreshing and replenishing yourself.

When you are feeling intense negative emotions, do what you can to minimize their impact on the baby. Put her in a safe place while you go somewhere else to yell into a pillow or cry out your fears. If you must handle the baby while feeling bad, take care to be as physically gentle as you can, and reassure the baby with your voice. Tell her how you are feeling and why, and especially reassure her that it is not her fault. Even if the feelings are about her, she isn’t doing anything on purpose to hurt you.


One thought on ““does yelling and anxiety effect a newborn?”

  1. OH (((((Marcy)))))! I loved your comment today, and I cannot believe I haven’t been by your blog in so long~you’ve MOVED! We’ve been sooo busy on our homeschool schedule that it’s sometimes difficult to find time to get online. I kinda post and go on… I have sooo enjoyed catching up with you and reading about your house and your Amy and what you’ve been missing~LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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