An Easter weekend picture

The church choir rehearses for the Randall Thompson Alleluia we’re going to sing later in the service:

Photo — Singing in the church choir.


4 thoughts on “An Easter weekend picture

  1. Hi,
    Were you up early this morning too? I must have missed you!
    Anyway, you all sounded great Easter Sunday. And you and Margarets duet was beautiful. My only complaint was that I couldn’t hear you as well as M.
    I have a few questions for you. I’m afraid an email won’t go through so do you mind if I ask here?
    Talk soon,

  2. Hi Tamara,

    No I wasn’t up all that early, but your post asked visitors to comment.

    Thanks about the duet — my part was pretty low for a soprano, and Margaret was standing more at the mic… I’m glad she and I got to do it. Maybe you and I can fit one in before we move…

    Did you use the email address from my dulcimer site? That one should work…

    Otherwise go ahead and ask here.

  3. Oh. I sang the Thompson Alleluia one Easter. I loved it.

    I made it to Holy Thursday, but not Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday. I had a snow drift where my car was. A little tiny Niesan doesn’t do well getting out of 2+ feet of snow in the driveway. I’m not much of a fan of driving in white out conditions either.

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