All in one

I woke up rather disoriented and sad this morning, after a dream that seemed to include so many of my recurring dream motifs.

There were moments of discovering I was half naked.

Moments of looking for a bathroom, but finding none with privacy, and invading privacy while searching.

A college dorm situation; this time I was with someone who was visiting a student, so sort of twice removed.

I was mostly stuck in an observing / reacting role — I wasn’t the visitor, and I couldn’t leave because I’d shared a ride with the visitor.

And a caretaker / authority / parental situation, where the parents or whoever were telling me to just go and be, to quit crying, get dressed and ready to go out with them.

There may or may not have been any thought of PPD in this dream, but it was very disorienting to wake up and find myself an adult, married, and especially shocking to remember I had a baby.


One thought on “All in one

  1. Marcy –

    I like the way you write. Congratulations, by the way, on your child. My wife & I have 4. They are a blessing.

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