Snow Day

Today we are snowed in — about a foot so far.

Here’s some updates:

  • Mark has accepted a job teaching at a residential school in a very small Indiana town with a beautiful lake. It’s a relief to have that decision made, and now Mark can get back to his thesis.
  • My appointment with Denise, the psychiatric nurse practitioner, was Monday night. I am now taking 0.5mg of Risperdal, partly to see if it helps with sleep (not so far) and partly to increase the stabilizing effect. I continue to take Ativan at bedtime; it doesn’t put me to sleep quickly or keep me asleep, but it does keep me from getting overly anxious about sleep. I have a prescription for Ambien if I get desperate.
  • My appointment with Joe was this morning. We talked about the escalation that happened the week before last, after my previous appointment with Denise. We talked about sublimation of anger, my fears about actions that are too close to realistic violence (punching, kicking, even if it’s just an object), and how the dart board seems to be better for me. We talked about how wrung out I have felt these last two days by the time Mark gets home, and how we both need to work on keeping it in perspective: Taking care of even a relatively easy baby is a hard day’s psychological work for anyone, and especially for someone with my personality and baggage — but it’s not going to destroy us.
  • I started tuning my hammered dulcimer yesterday. Just the C’s and C#’s. It’s all about a half step flat, which is a lot but not too bad. I figure I will tune a few notes whenever I can, and sooner or later it’ll end up reasonably in tune, and I can follow the same pattern to keep it reasonably in tune.
  • I started revising categories here, too. Some of them have a LOT of posts, and maybe I can refine them a bit. It’ll take me a while I’m sure.

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