Gardening update

Today I picked some peppers (but not a peck, and they weren’t pickled…), cucumbers, and carrots.

I forget exactly what variety of bell peppers we planted, but they mature to red. I have not been pleased with the flavor, but I think that’s because it’s been so dry, and it took me a while to get disciplined about watering regularly. It may also be because I was waiting too long — the younger ones seem to taste better.

Likewise the cucumbers have often been bitter. The three I peeled today, though, seemed to smell better — hopefully they’ll taste better, too.

The carrots — remember the tire? — are definitely better than in years past. Some are as long as my thumb and thicker. Still not as thick and long as I’d like, but they at least feel worth the effort of cleaning and trimming.

I think I’ll make a pasta salad later — that would be good for this combination. Too bad there were only three beans worth picking — I just ate them on the spot. Also too bad there’s no rotini in the house — smooth ziti will be okay, but it’s just not as good as rotini or penne for a pasta salad — the dressing doesn’t stick as well, and the oil part sticks better than the vinegar part.

When I went outside again to hang a load of laundry, I noticed how full our apple tree is. I have no idea what kind of apples they are — round and green, crisp and tart — but they make a fabulous pie. We don’t spray or anything, so a lot of them get deformed or get those scabby brown patches, but most of the time that doesn’t affect the fruit inside. Pies are a lot of work, but worth it; maybe I’ll invite some friends over sometime in early October and make a whole bunch of pies all at once — but then I’d have to let the friends take one home — and I’d have to have some friends!


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