What Else

First of all, the groundhogs have discovered the garden, so I had to redo my fence. I hope the lettuce will grow back; the cucumbers and beans look like they’ll survive their defoliation. The spinach is already going to seed, so we won’t get much more of that. Tomatoes are starting to set, and I see flowers on the cucumbers, beans, and pepper plants. The carrots are continuing to do well in their sandfilled tire, but it looks like it’ll be a long time before any are ready to pick.

My second sweater didn’t turn out that great. It just reaches my waist, which is fine for my normal sitting slouch, but a little uncomfortable otherwise. I may have to rip it out and use that yarn for a different pattern. Or I might try making a white or offwhite lacy border for the hem and sleeves, if that doesn’t end up looking ridiculous. Meanwhile I’m working on a third sweater. This one, too, is using yarn recycled from an old winter sweater I no longer like, but one sleeve gave me such a big ball of yarn I have no fear of running out. The yarn is thin, so I’m having to use smaller needles than the pattern calls for, which means my gauge is also rather smaller — by following the instructions for the larger size, I’m hoping it’ll turn out to be my size. I’m a little anxious that the armhole shapings of the body and sleeves won’t quite match, because the proportion of row gauge to stitch gauge I’m working with is about 1.4 compared to 1.3 in the pattern’s gauge. Oh, and one cool thing is that I added a lace pattern around the bottom, above the 4×2 ribbed hem. It’s a diamond shaped pattern of yarn-overs: six in a v-shape, two in the middle, and another inverted v over that. I think I might put one diamond in the middle of the back, too, between my shoulders, and maybe some on the sleeves, too.

Yesterday my new Carvin pa system arrived. It’s got a 6-channel powered mixer including phantom power, two ten-inch speakers, plus cables and two basic mics. I haven’t tried it out yet to see how it sounds, but I’m really pleased with the price (roughly $500) and the weight — I can swing the mixer around one-handed, and it won’t be hard to lift the speakers up onto the stands. It also fits neatly in the corner of my music room.

I also got the new .016 music wire and changed that string I broke last week. I could have left the replacement string on, but since it was a heavier gauge and a pretty high tension string, it worried me. My first attempt with the new wire went wrong; I forgot to check which direction to wind the string around the tuning pegs, and got it backwards. Fortunately they sent me enough for two courses, so I did it yet again, and this time I got it right. Whew. It’s funny to me how impulsive I am, especially considering how reflective I also am. People who journal, especially those that analyze things to death, are not usually the same people who make impulsive decisions and forget to check basic necessaries like which direction a string should be wound.

I haven’t made any more progress in re-reading my old journals. The problem is that I want to trace and write about certain themes in those journals, and I’m one of those detail people that really can’t understand how a forest isn’t just all the trees. (Yeah, I was one of those people who highlighted almost everything when I took notes in school.) So my efforts to write about these themes were becoming more of a dissertation than a summary or tracing. I’d like to keep trying, but it’s so hard for me to summarize things without feeling like the summary gets so removed from the details that it’s in danger of being a platitude or cliche.


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