The Tire

We have a tire. Yeah, one of those big tractor tires stuck in the yard as a planter. We didn’t put it there, it came with the house. I’m not terribly fond of planting things in tires, but since it’s there, I’ll use it. You’ll never guess what I found in it today! But first, a little background.

All that was in it when we moved here was weeds. I tried to plant some daisy seeds that we’d gotten from our realtor (every two months or so they send some kind of coupon or freebie), but they didn’t come up. I also planted some flowers our Laotian neighbors dug up for me from their flower bed. They have long oval grey-green fuzzy leaves, and they make small dark magenta five-petaled flowers on long stalks.

This year, I’ve decided to plant carrots in the tire. The past two years, carrots have not done well in our raised-bed gardens; probably not sandy enough for them. I figure I can mix in some bags of sand with the dirt in the tire, and maybe they’ll do better there. (More room in the gardens, then, too; I’ve got beans and cucumbers in one, and plum tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, and spinach in the other.)

So yesterday I transplanted the fuzzy flowers to the near edge of our roadside ditch. Today I started trying to turn over the dirt. Too hard, too full of rocks for the shovel. Got the wheelbarrow to put the rocks in, and a hand trowel to dig with. Lots of rocks. Big ones, too. I might have enough big rocks to edge another flower bed or make a little wall. And I’ve only dug up about a third of the tire so far.

But guess what I found at the bottom?

A sandbox. It’s got a black flexible edging, maybe a smaller tire. And lots of toy soldiers in it, plus two ninjas and a diver. And an old milk jug, and a Keebler snack wrapper. Who knows what else?

Anyway, once I finish removing rocks, maybe I’ll be able to spade up some of that sand.

Mmmmm… homegrown carrots.


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